Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Things Are Happening Here!

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great week! This week was a super great week for me! There have been a lot of cool things happening in our area, but for the most part, it's looking like we are finding more and more solid people to teach.  All our investigators are still doing pretty good, we just need to get them to church!!! William is also doing good and is excited for his baptism. The bishop is wanting to talk with him, before he is baptized.  We aren't sure if he is still going to be baptized this week or within the next few weeks, but so far so good.
We were also able to go and see Teresa's baptism!!! Super happy! I'm so glad for the choice that she has made in following Christ's example and it was a lot of fun to see old ward members. We might also start teaching a family soon! So, good things are happening here in Winters Run. It's truly amazing to see the Lord bless our efforts. Just when things don't seem to be working out, it turns out it was just what others needed. Thank you for all your love and support!
Elder Worsham's Birthday Party!

Celebrating my year mark at Jake's Wayback Burgers!

Teresa getting baptized!!!  Super Cool!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great week. THIS IS IT! It's been officially ONE YEAR since I have been out on my mission! I can't even believe it! Time flies by way too fast!
We had a good week. Since it was our walking week, we were mostly on foot and out in the sun. It's warming up over here! Things have been going pretty good with our investigators. We met with Teon and his girlfriend Ashante, as well as a young family that lives near us. It's been pretty neat to see the Lord open doors for us, as we strive to find people to teach. William is doing well! We have been meeting with him often and he received a confirmation about the church. Super cool! We are going to be baptizing him on the 29th! He really likes the church and has enjoyed coming and meeting with us. He is a really cool guy and one of the kindest people I know.
Do you remember Teresa from my last area? She is being baptized this Sunday!!! I will be going to Susquehanna to support her! It's amazing to look back and see what the Lord had in store for me this past year.  It will be great to see what else He has planned this coming year. Thank you for your love and support, as I go through this journey! I know this Gospel is the true way to happiness and peace in this life. The Gospel doesn't remove our trials, but it helps us to know the purpose of them and how to handle them. I hope you have a great week!

Fun antics from last preparation day!

Pizza party at the end of zone conference!

One year mark!

Left over district pictures from last transfer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Remember the Savior, His Life, His Mission, and His Love!

Hello Everybody! I hope you have had a good week so far! Alright. So, as you may be aware, last Saturday we were supposed to have held the baptism of our investigator William. It ended up not working out. A few days after General Conference, we were visiting with William and he brought up a lot of concerns that he had about Church Doctrine and leadership in the Church. His concerns were big enough that we needed to postpone his baptism. He also has a legitimate concern that when he is baptized, he will have to defend and support the LDS beliefs.  He would like to have a better understanding of those beliefs, before he makes that commitment. He still wants to learn and even came to Church yesterday! So, it will just be some time before he is ready.
We had a Seder on Friday night, which is the Jewish Passover dinner. Essentially, it symbolizes Christ's Last Supper before He was imprisoned. It was very cool and educational.  It made me reflect on what it must have been like that night for the Savior and His Apostles.
We are still working hard and it's been somewhat of a challenge finding new people that are progressing, but I know the Lord is preparing us. I hope each of you take the time this week to remember the Savior, His life, His mission and the love that He has for us all. I know that as we hearken to voice of the Good Shepard, we will be guided through difficult circumstances in our lives. I hope you have a great week!
Zone training we had in a conference room, so it was pretty cool!

A FREE suit I got from a family! It looks great!


The table where the disciples ate and also what we ate.  It was a fun experience!

More ducks around the apartment!
They are Froduck, Broducks, and Toasted Marshmallow duck.
They are always in a group and I finally got a good picture of them!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

He is Aware of Us and Our Needs!

Hi Everybody!
I hope your week was great! General Conference was awesome! I have never seen a General Conference tailored so well for the needs of an investigator. Literally, every single thing that we have talked about with William was addressed in General Conference. It was amazing! Speaking of which, William is doing well. We are still working with him on small concerns, but for the most part he is excited and ready for baptism. It will be awesome to see him get baptized this week! I can still remember the first day we knocked on his door. He has changed a lot since then and has been much happier! He is a dear friend.
 Also, if you remember Jodie, she watched General Conference as well and loved it! She finished the Book of Mormon this week. Though we still haven't been able to teach her anymore due to family circumstances, her faith and testimony is amazing! It's been great to see the Relief Society reach out to her and help her. The Church is true!
Everything is still going fairly well here in Maryland. I swear the weather is sometimes even crazier than Utah! It's finally starting to look like spring here. It's been truly amazing to see the Lord bless our efforts and even more amazing to see how much He truly loves us! I know that He is aware of us and our needs. He will draw near unto us, as we draw near unto Him. Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you have a great week!
Pictures with my district!

There is a weird duck by our apartments.

I think spring is finally here!

Cool Cherry Blossom Trees.

William and General Conference!