Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I'm Staying!

Hello Everyone! This week has been a crazy week! It was super warm, then just a few days ago it went right back into the freezing temperatures of last week. It's been chilly! Elder Bakker, the missionary who was with us last week, went home for medical reasons. He was pretty bummed about it. Yesterday, during our preparation day, we bought him a Maryland Flag Hawaiian Shirt, since he loved Hawaiian shirts.  We are planning on mailing it to him next week.   He was a fantastic Elder, with a Spirit to match! It was a total blast serving with him. 
With that out of way, the big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm staying! Wow! I honestly didn't think that was going to happen! I'm still a Zone Leader and Elder Haynie is still my companion, but we are moving apartments! We lived outside of our area and there are new missionaries coming into the zone, so to help with everything, they moved us into an old sister missionary apartment in our area. It's nicer! I'll take pictures this week and show you.
This week was also our mission’s temple week! It was awesome to be able to go the House of the Lord and feel of the Spirit there. This is actually the last time that I will be going through the Washington D.C. Temple, due to its closing for two years in March. It's a wonderful building and I love the time I spent there! 
We had a super awesome week! A lot of our investigators have had some busy weeks, so it's been hard to see them, but there was one investigator whom we picked up this week, who is awesome! Last Monday, we met with Lashae for the first time! She ordered a Book of Mormon and Bible online, so we stopped by to deliver it.  Since then, we have met with her three times and she knows the Book of Mormon is true.  She is loving what we are sharing with her! It's been awesome!
I hope you have a good week! Stay warm out there!
Temple Pictures for the week.

Zone Preparation Day!

We gave out awards and I got one that was pretty funny!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello Everyone! It's been a frosty week over here in Maryland, but it's also been a huge spiritual week! One of the crazier things that has happened this week was that we got a new companion for the next week or so. Elder Bakker! He is awesome and has only been out for 5 weeks, but he is loving the work and it's been a blast so far! 
We also had a Missionary Leadership Council once again and we talked about the smartphones that our mission will be receiving in the next few months. It's truly been a testimony to me that the Lord is hastening His work! We also had the privilege of meeting with Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the Seventy over the weekend.  He talked about the Book of the Mormon and how important it is for us to heed the counsel that Thomas S. Monson gave us. It's been such a neat opportunity to hear the inspired counsel of the servants of the Lord.
Our investigators are doing well this week. We had our Stake Conference over the weekend and we were able to have Dolphin and Luwana, our investigators, attend. Dolphin went to the adult session and loved it! Luwana made it to the general session and she also enjoyed it.  It's been amazing to work with Dolphin, because we have truly seen a desire to repent and change with him. We even committed him to baptism on the 27th and he agreed! The 14-year-old girl that we have been working with, Jadan, also agreed for baptism on the 27th, as well! It's been remarkable to see the change that has come into their lives, as they have lived the Gospel. Karren is still out of town, so we're just waiting to hear back from her.
I hope that we can remember the life and ministry of our Prophet Thomas S. Monson, as we move to sustain and support, Russell M. Nelson, as the Lord places the mantle of a Prophet on him. I know the Church is true and that the Lord is at helm, guiding and directing His servants, in all ways for the salvation of His children. I know that Russell M. Nelson has been prepared by the Lord and will be a great strength to us all, as we move forward. Thank you all for your love and support and try to stay warm out there!
Trying to clean all the salt off our car!

Missionary Leadership Counsel

Elder Bakker with Elder Haynie and me!