Monday, November 20, 2017

Think About The Things You Are Grateful For!

This week was a fun week! First off, the biggest change that happened was on Wednesday when Elder Apgood was emergency transferred to Baltimore City. A missionary was sick and needed to go home, so they moved Elder Apgood from our companionship, over there. Elder Worsham and I were super sad. 
We had a lot of really cool experiences with our investigators and have still been finding more people! Karen Carr is doing really well and has read like more than half of the Book of Mormon, since we met her! She had a lot of really good questions, as well! It's been awesome seeing her progress in the Gospel!!! We also taught this really cool guy from Ghana yesterday. His name is Sinjoh and he had a lot of questions about religion that we were able to answer. The cool part is that as we answered his questions, he was visibly more and more excited! It was so cool! Probably the weirdest part of the week was that a family invited us over to dinner yesterday and the wife is from Russia! So, we had a cultural meal! It was called Pelmeni.  It was different, but pretty good!
It's been amazing to see the Lord's hand in our area. He truly leads us to those who are prepared to receive the gospel message! I hope you can take the time this week to think about the things that you are grateful for. I know that I'm grateful for a family who has sacrificed for me to come out here and to serve the Lord. I hope you have a good turkey week!!!
A cool lake that I saw while I was on exchanges.

When we found out that Elder Apgood was leaving!

Pictures of my apartment.
*Mom Note: I told Elder Ainsworth that he needed to clean his apartment!
He wrote back and said they had cleaned it, it was just messy since Elder Apgood was packing. 
I can't seem to get rid of that mom instinct to tell him to pick up after himself. LOL!

The "bro" picture that my mom requested. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Last Floor On The Last Door

Hello Everyone! This week has been a super cold week! With the humidity and wind chill, it definitely feels like winter over here!
This whole week has just flown by, but here are some highlights of the week.  We had Zone Conference! We didn't meet up with another Zone for this one, so it was just our Zone with the Mission President and his assistants. There was a big emphasis on the sacrament and why it's so important to be partaking of this ordinance every week, as well as getting our investigators to church.
We had a super cool miracle this week, as well! So, a few days ago, we were trying to visit a former investigator that other missionaries had taught awhile back. We had their apartment building address, but not their apartment number.  We started knocking on every door to try and find this person and ended up getting to the last floor on the last door. (Nobody answered any of the doors, by the way). Right as we were about to knock on the final door, we heard someone coming up the steps and it turned out to be them! It was so cool to see how the Lord was able to put us in this person's path. The crazy part about it is that they moved a few months earlier and were there just visiting a friend! I know that even though everything may not work out how we want it too, it works out in the Lord’s way. I hope you are staying warm and have a good week!
A service project we ended up doing in the middle of the week.
A member had a fire truck that they wanted us to put together
for her son's birthday.  It was a beast and took forever to finish!  But, it was fun!

The missionaries serving in the Ellicott City Ward!